White goods

Our customers in the benefit of white goods or household appliances from our broad product portfolio and production. Now we are producing for example coffe machine internal cables with bandage tapes where using manually and machine bandlings too, according to the customer expectations.
For cable processing we use Metzner and Komax machines where we are able to cut and strip between 0,14 –6,0 mm². We can handle core cables and ribbon-flat cables too with these machines.
Let’s speak about the crimping tools: our company is determined to use precise tools, for example the Mecal types, where they can garantee the stabilized stampings, and perfect grindings. The terminal stampings for the end of the cables made by semi-automatic machines from Komax.
On the other side most of our products made by hand. We assemble wires in a large annual volume of pieces for both the household and automotive segments. The final product undergoes a 100% electrical test before being received by the customer.


Develop from simple grounding wire to complex cable harnesses for fully automatic coffee machine, we are able to produce the cables for washing machines and dishwashers and manufacture according to your specifications. We will expand in next steps the applications in the (field of heating technology, the control panel and cook top controls, door sensors, control range hoods, water flow control).
Planned machines are the Komax Alpha 550 full automatic cable cutting, crimping and sealing machine and an Autosplice AS2000 semi automatic version for the wire splicing.

Zero mistake

The consistent implementation of the 0-error strategy runs through almost all the processes of Saser Elektronik Kft and begins with the test equipment, which we align to your needs. From simple electrical continuity or insert inspection by modular final inspection to the Good part labels, and so is our test equipment to your needs. In our possession the crimp quality control lab, where we can check the crimp cross sections, the fulfillings, and the width and height of the stamps for the best electrical quality.


For all of our products, we'll guarantee you a consistently high quality standard, including through ongoing quality control. It goes without saying that we'll have automatic crimping presses and table on a process-driven crimp with crimp monitors, where customers requires. In addition, accompanying the process micrograph analysis will carried out of the crimps and pull forces measured.

Bandage technology

Many of our products require manual banding, where we assemble high-complexity cable assemblies on boards. It is not uncommon here for a product to have 20-50 endings and have to band several branches in a Y-shape. The employees of our company are also prepared for this task, and in our panel installation it is essential to 100% test the electrical equipment on the other side of the wall, so that's garantee not only the quality of the banding, but also the installed cable is perfect.


We are working with machines too in this bandage segment, because lots of the automotive parts require the longitudinal tapes. Let’s see this version, what we have:
The KTL 10 program-guided taping machine is ideally suited to the taping of cable harnesses and small modules with a maximum tape length of 1,000 mm. Our company using this type of machine in 90% in automotive projects nowadays.
We reached our benefits with the KTL10 machine, because it has the most important things in bandage world: attractive introduction to program-controlled taping, simple operation and low training requirements, millimeter-precise length measurement thanks to linear feed, control of the winding head speed via foot pedal possible, etc. These machine are knows the most important things in this area: Consistent tape tension and tape guidance guarantees wrinkle-free taping compared to manual processes and double taping – processing of two sections of tape simultaneously; e.g. aluminum PVC. This is so important, when the manual cannot be used.

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