Dear Valued Customer,

First of allwe hope you are doing well and good healthy! Let me introduce myself, I’am Mr Béla Juhász the Sales manager’s SASER ELEKTRONIK KFT from Hungary. Our main activity is cable harness manufacturing. As the virus fast spread, our company’s business was affected. And we must work together to defeat the virus. I have a good relationship with a partner who are producing masks. I will definitely strive to provide you with a favorable price. Their company is CE certified.

I want to explain again that we are manufacturing cables harnesses , not masks…  If you need masks, medical equipments, or any other accessories please let me know, and I will help you.

Let us fight this virus together and we will win!

Ask confidence, and colleagues soon to respond.


We use PVC and poliester based strips for assembling electric switches, wires and cable bunches. We manufacture handmade products in large number of series. Their final destination is the automotive industry. We verify compliance of the finished goods by running visual and electric tests. After the inspections can be established, whether the product is properly connected or actually complies with regulations. We use effective quality management methods such as Poka-Yoke (for excluding mistakes) and FMEA (for promoting cost-efficiency). We act on the LEAN intentions of our partners’. In every cases we are out to secure the lowest cost on highest standards.

Ask confidence, and colleagues soon to respond.

Quality control, sorting and rework

Guided by the mandate of our clients, we undertake the control, selection and reparation of the mechanical or functional defected semi-finished and finished products. The work can be done either at the customer’s premise or at our premise as well.

Ask confidence, and colleagues soon to respond.

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