Does Saser Elektronik Ltd. deal with cable confection?
Currently we deal only with further procession of assembled cables (testing, bandaging, etc.). We order the confection of the cables via our partners.
Does Saser Elektronik Ltd. have ISO 9001 certification?
We do have ISO 9001 certification, that can be downloaded from our website in hungarian and in english languages.
How much production volume can Saser Elektrionik Ltd. realize?
We can flexibly handle various orders from small batch volume to annual 10 million units.
Who provides tools and instruments linked to technology?
In case if special technology required, tools and instruments are provided by our customers. In every other cases, tools and instruments are produced by our own tool plant.
Does Saser Elektronik Ltd. have its own logistic assets?
Ensuring business continuity, we have our own logistic assets. Large volume transport operations are carried out with the involvement of our partners.
How many shifts do you do?
Currently we work in 2 shifts.
How does Saser Elektronik Ltd. carry out sorting activity?
We do sorting at our own premise, but within a radius of 50 km, we provide opportunity to work at our partners’ premise if necessary.