At first let me introduce our company.

Our company is a 100% hungarian private ownership cable harness manufacturer brand in Hungary from 2010 in Békés town.

We would like to help you, if you have any problems in your supply chain because of the international solution.
We have enough place and electrical workers in our company.

We are searching for new customers in EU, because our target is expand our capacity and the working place next years.

Click on our company logo to access our brief introduction showing the progress of the last 9 years:

Nowadays we have EU customers in Germany and Hungary. We prepare the cables harnesses for the folowing areas:

  • household appliances (vacuum cleaner, coffe maker, drill machines etc)
  • industrial / telecommunication sectors
  • automotive cables (lighting, mirror, etc.) /
  • electrical part assemblies (plastic, metal, etc)


Other segments, where we are working:

  • quality services
  • quality control
  • sorting
  • rework

If you are interesting about our solutions, we are open to visit your company and discuss about the possible projects.

Below our web address, and telephone and e-mail contacts, so do not hesitate to check and contact us.

Many thanks and best regards,
Mr. Béla Juhász
Sales Manager
Székhely: 5630 Békés, Kinizsi u.25.
Telephely: 5630 Békés, Verseny u.4.
Tel.: +36-70 369-68-34

We will be in here! And you?
Let’s meet in Electronica and Automotive Hungary events!